Recording Life Stories using QR Codes

What are QR Codes?

QR code for QR memoriesQR Codes or Quick Response Codes, are small square computerised unique codes which can be scanned and read by mobile smart devise such as smart phones.  This technology is quite new but is being used in many imaginative ways.  You may have seen them on adverts in magazines...

How can QR Codes be used to record the lives of loved ones?

QR Codes have many uses, and in particular they can link directly to dedicated web pages to record people's lives with photographs, written information, music and video.  A QR Code attached to a memorial can say so much more about a person's life with the advantage of being small and discrete. QR code for QR memories

QR Memories® codes can be attached to stone memorials*, benches, next to trees or shrubs, or even bronze memorial plaques for example.  In each case, the code is linked directly to a relevant page on a website, offering the user the opportunity to learn a little more about the life of the person being remembered. A simple scan is all it takes.

QR Codes from QR Memories® can now provide this new and innovative way to record the lives and achievements of departed loved ones. The dedicated web page can either be available for you alone to view or for select family members, or you might chose to make it available to everyone, the choice is yours. When requesting a QR Code a username and password for the page will be provided enabling you to add and edit information as and when you see fit.

If you would like more information about QR Codes for memorials you can either contact us directly or click on the link below to QR Memories website.

Alternatively, if you feel you would like assistance in compiling the life story of your loved one, you can simply contact 'Your Life Story' who will help you put together all the photos and information you would like and create a video to upload to the webpage.  Click on the link below to contact 'Your Life Story' for more information about this service. 

*Please note that to date QR codes are not permitted on memorials in Church of England church yards, however this is currently under review.